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Sorting Within a Sub-Summary Part

Question asked by disabled_RPeters on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by disabled_RPeters

Hi Everyone,


I'm having a bit of trouble with sorting in my sub-summary report.  I'm keeping track of donations given by individuals.  The sub-summary report is based on Membership Levels.  (Ex. If someone donates up to $499 they're part of "The Ensemble"; if they donate $500-$2499 they part of "The Virtuosos" etc.)  Anyways, the body of my layout shows all the donor names and how much they gave within their category.


What I'd really love to do is sort the body alphabetically, but when I add "sort by last name" (after sort by Membership Level) my sub summary report disappears because it's supposed to be sorted just by the one request.


Is there a way to further sort the records after creating a sub-summary part?