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    Multiple Answers in a lookup field


      I'm looking for help with a couple of table relationships in an order system for a radio network. 


      Tables are ORDERS  &  STATIONS


      When a new record is created in ORDERS, and a particular STATION is selected based on the table relationship, it will lookup CITY OF LICENSE. 

      Occasionally an order will broadcast in more than one city so I need the option to select multiple STATIONS, and lookup the appropriate  CITY OF LICENSE of each, but keep it in one order record.


      Thanks for your help. 

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          If I understand your request, you need to have a many to one relationship of stations to an order. Not always, but some times you need to select multiple stations and see the related city of license within an order.


          What I would do is create an order_stationlink table that you would add station(s) to an order and their license would be displayed when the station is selected. From the order table, I would create a portal of the link table with related fields back to stations to show all station information for an order.





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            Good suggestion. And I'll use the List function to get the portal data for stations throughout the rest of the system.


            Thank you!