Pattern Count Error

Discussion created by dreygo on Feb 4, 2016
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Filemaker 13/14

Mac OS 10.9.5

MacPro 5,1


I use a global variable array to populate a chart. Because of this I have noticed that when I do a return count I am getting inaccurate results, These results do not become inaccurate until I navigate to a layout where a chart resides that relies on the variable data.


Please open my demo file named "bugsy" for a quick understanding, but the basics are:


Populate a global text field with an array

Set variable using the information from the global field

  ***at this point if you PatternCount the returns in the variable you will get a correct result

Navigate to a layout which has a chart element that relies on the variable and the array contained therein to display

  ***at this point the return count goes to zero, even though the chart displays correctly


NOTE: There are no inaccuracies when opening this file in FMP12(or 11 for that matter).



Use the global FIELD for charting instead of VARIABLE

Use Filemaker 12


The main reason this is an issue for me (and my guess for others as well) is that pattern counting returns allows a quick reference to the number of values in an array. By substituting the return with a plus sign, one could easily create a custom function that summarizes an array contained this way. I will admit that even with workarounds, I can't stand seeing a zero pattern count of returns when viewing an array. Luckily for me, it only broke my solutions in a couple of places, and the workaround was not an onerous one.