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    NEEDED: Help with startup


      I am through the basic training series and I started the advanced series, but I feel that I'm still not ready to develop anything. I will continue working through the advanced series. I am trying to develop a menu for staff in a group home to plan meals with ease and simplicity and down the road, design the menu to be accessible for the men in the group home to be able to choose meals without too much direction from the staff. Because this platform is going to be used for a non-profit organization, this non-traditional (not-business oriented) approach is proving to be difficult to find a startup solution that fits the needs of this platform. Any advice anyone could provide, would be greatly appreciated.

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          You can start by writing out as completely as possible want you want to accomplish.


          Here would be my start for you. Add and correct my assumptions to more closely match your situation.


          We want or residents to select all three of their meals for everyday of the year from a specific menu for each day with a choice of 1 of 2 protein choices, 1 of 2 fruit choices, 1 of 2 vegetable choices, 1 of 2 grain choices and 1 of 3 drink choices. Some choices will have additional choices like with mashed potatoes you can choose between butter and/or sour cream or gravy. We want to have a list of protein items, fruit items, vegetable items, grain items and drinks to choose from. Prep lists will be created for each meal with the number of each item needing to be prepared.


          Here are some addirional questions to get you thinking about your requirements.

          Do you want to create recipes and shopping lists from these items?

          Are meal options bsed on a caloric intake, other nutritional metrics or cost basis per meal or per day?

          Who's going to create the menus, how and on what type of devices?

          Who's going to select each meal, how and on what type of device?

          How are meal choices going to be communicated to the kitchen staff?

          Do the number of meals and a list of residents who ate needed for billing purposes?

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            Thank you so much for this information!! I do want to create shopping lists from these items. The meals are based on nutritional value. The man that I am working for who is opening this group home is creating the menu choices and I am also going to be working with a nutritionist as well. I don't know as much about that, but  can find out more. The staff (kitchen) and or the participants in the group home will be selecting each meal on iPads. The whole house is supposed to be set up on these iPads. At the beginning, this will mainly include the menu and shopping list that I am describing but later it will also include music so that the participants can choose and play music throughout the house. Related to the billing, I am not sure about that but I will ask the man I am working for. Do you know if any of the startup solutions would best fit my needs? Thank you so much for your help again!

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              I don't no that any of the starter solutions will get you close to what you want so I would just look for one the has the st elements in it that you like and can reuse for your purposes.