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How can I make document templates with merge fields to use with different accounts?

Question asked by johngrote on Feb 4, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by johngrote

I'm a veterinarian and I am trying to re-write a pre-canned business solution to use in my mobile practice. The solution I'm using is pretty robust and has separate document (container files for PDF's and other formats) and note tables. I have created layouts for each of the documents I use with a button for each. That works fine, but when go to the document and I hit the preview button for each document, there is a document for each of my clients even though I didn't specifically ask for that document using the button. I then have to copy the specific document and insert it into the document container field with information about each document. That is fine, but it's a tedious way to save the document. I would really like to be able to have the document specifically related to the client or pet without having to scroll through all of the previews in form view. I have tried to write my own solution before and had the same problem with documents. I suspect I will need a join table between the client and the document as well as the pet and the document. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


Also, I write medical notes using different text fields for each system. The text fields can be short or can contain a lot of information. The text fields expand as needed, but when I go to preview, the notes are cut off so I have to manually expand the field to see all of the text. Because I have a document for each pet (see above), when I change the size of the text field it changed the field on each document so there can be a lot of white space if the note is short and another pet's is long. Hope this make sense. I would really like to have the text field expand and contract as needed. Is there a way to do this?