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    Reporting Issue - totals


      Hi!  I am having a bit of an issue with a report I created, called weekly flash report.  It is taking data from 2 different tables, with a date relationship. All of the totals for the columns coming out of table 1 work - when I try to set totals (summary fields) for the fields coming from table 2, I only get the last record as the total.  What am I missing?  For the life of me - it makes no sense.  Any help would greatly be appreciated!

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          Hi.  You might need to give us a bit more information to help with this one.  What table is the layout based on?  Are the totals that are not working from the related table or from the table that the layout is based on?  Are you using sub summary parts in your layout?  What field are the sub summary parts sorted on and have you sorted your data on the same field?  What are the predicates in your relationship between the two tables (ie. what fields are used to create the relationship)?


          If you can post a sample copy of the file or a clone then we can have a look at it for you.  Chris

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            Hi Chris!  We will call them Table A and Table B...  The layout is based on table A, the totals that are not working are from Table B (the related table). There is a Grand Trailing Summary part, the relationship is built on date (table A) and date (table b).  I would love to share the file, however, it has a ton of confidential information in it that I can't post.  I made a bit of a work around (a sloppy one) I have a look up filling in fields on the primary table and then using them to populate the report.  THANKS!