Shift-clicking on a host in Launch Center does not prompt for credentials

Discussion created by tcfitzgerald on Feb 5, 2016
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We have several databases that need elevated rights to connect to.  I used to be able to hold down the shift key and then click on a host in the Launch center to have it prompt me for alternate credentials so I can view those databases that require elevated rights.  After upgrading to FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4 this no longer works (or if I keep trying, it works about 1 in every 30 tries).  It worked fine in 14.0.3.

Product and version

FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.4

OS and version

Windows 10 & Windows 7

How to replicate

Add a server/host to the Launch Center under the "Hosts" tab and try to hold the shift key and then click on the host.


Expected result


I expect to be prompted for alternate credentials as I was in FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.3 like this:



Workaround (if any)