How to track php requests

Discussion created by njem on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2016 by mikebeargie

I have to oversee sorting out some issues between a php web page from one developer and the FM data it accesses from another developer. I'm looking for a way to track what the php is actually requesting, what the Find criteria are, what bunch of records are then returned and transmitted to the php, etc. I think the php code is accidentally asking for much too broad of Find and then it takes a long time for all those records to get transmitted back to the web page. I can read the php but am not expert and there are a lot of variables which means it would be easier and more sure to just see what actually ends up getting requested. The FM is hosted by a hosting company who will cooperate some on this but it's not like a server I run and can do anything I want in the server. Our files that they host are entirely under our control and we could do anything we want in them. If every php request was in the form of calling a script then I could put in the scripts to log what they're doing but that would be a massive rewrite of the php. Any ideas that would help sort this out?