Filemaker 13 over site to site VPN

Discussion created by atranauskas on Feb 5, 2016

Morning everyone,


My question is: does FM13 have any known issues when being run across a S2S vpn tunnel?



     We have two remote locations, one just up the road from us in the US, and one in the UK.


     When accessing Filemaker via the S2S vpn tunnel we're experiencing dramatic slowdown


     When accessing Filemaker via a public IP address assigned to the server we have virtually identical speeds abroad as we do in our home office.


     So the conclusion is it's the S2S that's causing the slowdown. However I haven't found out why. Does the issue reside in our network configuration or is there a known issue with 13 and S2S vpn's that I'm not aware of?



     Additionally what are my options for extending our FMS solution to the remote sites? The public IP setup we have going works fairly well and we have webdirect tied with an SSL certificate but I'm still worried about the security of a deployment of that type.