Problems setting up recurring CSV import on FileMaker Server...

Discussion created by tkessler45 on Feb 5, 2016
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I'm trying to set up a regular import of a CSV file on FileMaker Server (v14). I have the CSV in the Server's Data/Documents/ folder, but cannot seem to set up a script to import the file. I'd like to perform a matched import on the CSV data that adds records not found in the database; however, when I add the file as a target for the "Import Records" script step, it does not show any fields or data from this file in the "Specify Import Order" configuration for this step. I just get a blank list for "Source Fields", with the "Source:" label at the top being blank. This indicates its not grabbing the file on the server, and is treating this whole step as acting on local files.


This import script is intended to run as a schedule on the server. How do I set it up so that the file is properly recognized and imported?