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    MiddleWords function


      Hello everyone,

      as we know, the MiddleWords function avoids specific punctuation.

      For example if a text is "John's house"

      the formula...... MiddleWords ("John's house"; 1; 1) & " " & MiddleWords ("John's house"; 2; 1) .....returns "John s"

      and the hyphen is lost.

      It was described a custom function called MiddleWordsIncPunct  https://www.briandunning.com/cf/1384

      but it does not solve the problem since

      the formula...... MiddleWordsIncPunct ("John's house"; 1; 1) & " " & MiddleWordsIncPunct ("John's house"; 2; 1) .....returns "John's John's".

      because as described by the author "it returns words including punctuation and quote characters to the LEFT and RIGHT of the word" producing a double .


      In my search I did not find any other custom function solving the punctuation problem.

      Anyone may help ?