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Discussion created by FredH on Feb 5, 2016
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Hi Experts,

I have 2 tables :

  • TableA with
    • __pkActivityID
    • ActivityName
  • TableB with
    • __pkTurnoverID
    • __fkActivityID
    • Year
    • Turnover

For each record in Table A, I have 20 records of Table B.  Each year being the turnover for the 20 past/future years for the linked activity.


Whilst being on a form linked to TableA, showing a record from TableA - i.e. with __pkActivityID = 1, I would like to show a line chart with the turnover for the current activity (__pkActivityID = 1) for all the years < X (i.e. 2020).

I did several tests using ExecuteSQL but none of them gave the expected results.


Could you tell me which syntax I should use to achieve this?


Thanks in advance for your input & time!
Kind regards,