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How can I pass mutiple script parameters without the content messing up how the script executes?

Question asked by jgalt on Feb 6, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2016 by sreese

I am passing multiple script parameters using the following method:


List ( CONTACTS::name ; CONTACTS::address ; CONTACTS::phone )

Then in my script...


Set Variable [$sp; Value:Get ( ScriptParameter )]

Set Variable [$name; Value:GetValue ( $sp ; 1 )]

Set Variable [$address; Value:GetValue ( $sp ; 2 )]

Set Variable [$phone Value:GetValue ( $sp ; 3 )]



The problem that I am running into is that if there is a carriage return entered into one of the fields (for example the address) it pushes the second line of the address (Miami, FL 33101) into the "$phone" number variable.

5150 Palmetto Drive

Miami, FL 33101


Can anyone tell me how I can resolve this issue?