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    sum of amount from various fields and make a monthly graph


      I have many clients making payments at different times for different items(have data for last five years).i would like to have a graph depicting total monthly income. with a new graph for every year


      currently have made a table with client information and a related table (related by name) with the payment date and payment amount.





      client::ip amount

      client::ip recvd on

      client::ip1 amount

      client::ip1 recvd on

      client::ip2 amount

      client::ip2 recvd on

      client::ip3 amount

      client::ip3 recvd on




      payment::payment recvd on


      payment::balance recvd on


      i want to add ip amount, ip1 amount, ip2 amount, ip3 amount, payment, balance

      and then graph them monthly and yearly (depending on recd on)


      picture of current layout is attached