My developer could not finish database. Can anyone help?

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Apologies if I have posted this in the wrong section.

A little background on my situation.

I was referred to this board by someone that I paid to develop a database for me as I try to start a small business.

He was doing this on the side of his full time job but was put in a predicament to be fired or stop working on my database due to conflict of interest with his day job.

he says it's about 90% done. Basically, just needing me to use it and possibly revise it.

i don't know anything about FileMaker other than actually using the program being built.

he said this community is helpful so now I am reaching out.


just so I can get the right people involved; I copied his last email here. He made notes on his progress and the things he could not finish.



Good morning Jobe,


I hope your day is going well. Once again I would like offer my sincere apology for having to discontinue work on your project. I am not able to support my family on the earnings derived from BizPraxis projects, and therefore must submit to the demands made by management at my primary place of employment, if I wish to continue work for them; they consider my work on your project a conflict of interest.


I believe your project to be approximately 90% complete. The following list contains the features/functions that remain unfinished:


  • Date of birth field needs to be added to the Students table so that it can be displayed elsewhere (e.g., OUCH Services cards)
  • A layout displaying the invoice-like report needs to be created
  • A layout displaying a list of expiring certifications (e.g., 30, 60, and 90 days) needs to be created
  • Something similar to the three vertical buttons found on most of the layouts (i.e. search - add - edit) needs to be configured for the Company Contacts portal - a copy of the existing buttons, with slight code modifications, should provide the necessary functions.
  • A layout with a Web Viewer object configured to allow you access to your Google calendar - for class scheduling - needs to be created.
  • Employer attribute fields need to be added to the Employer slide panel on the Home layout.
  • We also briefly discussed some modifications to existing layouts, which would allow you to view recent entries (e.g., a list of recently created rosters)

Whomever you find to finish the work on your project should be familiar with the “Selector/Connector” design method, as the debugging stage of development has not yet begun in earnest - and there will be functional issues that need to be addressed. I would definitely post a request for assistance on the FileMaker Community Forum, I’m sure you will immediately receive offers from competent developers; it’s where I go for assistance.


I wish that there was another way to handle this situation, but, as we’ve discussed, this is the only available course of action that allows me to continue to be employed in my current position. Please let me know how you’re new business venture - OUCH Service, LLC - progresses. Have a great weekend!