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    grep like query in calculation


      I'm really not sure how to ask this question, which may be obvious from the title.

      I use grep queries in InDesign for find and replace.

      I tend to use pattern count in Filmaker. While it works... I only know how to be very specific in the calculation to make it work.

      Is there a way to use grep like command in a calcuation?

      Or is it called something different in FM?



      a payee may appear in Table::payee


      GreenGum Alley

      Green Gum Alle

      Green's Gum

      Greens Gm All


      With grep I could get all of these in one request.

      But in Filemaker I am pretty much creating a

      PatternCount ( Upper ( Table::payee) ; Upper ("GreenGum Alley")); "Green Gum Alley";

      PatternCount ( Upper ( Table::payee ) ; Upper ("Green Gum Alle")); "Green Gum Alley";


      Thanks in advance for your insights!