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Perform Script in other File - Broken When New File Is Uploaded

Question asked by lumberjacklane on Feb 7, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 29, 2016 by justinc

We have a three-file solution; A UI file, a Data file, and a Reporter file.  The Reporter file is a tool we created to sync data between FM and our website. 


The UI file has a script called "Sync", and in that script is a step that performs a script in the Reporter file called "Reporter: Control Script".  Everything works fine, until I need to update the Reporter file.  I close all three files down, delete the old Reporter file, upload the new Reporter file, then open it all back up again.  When I go into the UI file and check the "Sync" script, it says "Unknown Script" from Reporter, instead of "Reporter: Control Script" from Reporter.


What am I doing wrong?  The scripts are named EXACTLY the same, although they are in a different position in the list of scripts in the Reporter file; I can't imagine that would make a difference. 


How can I swap out the Reporter file, without breaking this UI file reference to the script in the Reporter file?  External references don't break when swapping out the files; I can close the files down, swap out a data file or a UI file, and all the references are intact.  Why is this not the case for calling an external script?  I must be missing something.....


Thanks in advance!