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How do i turn multiple fields to one dropdown?

Question asked by on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by beverly

Hi Guys,

Im slowly learning FM14 and got so far upto now but am stuck at a point.

I have attached my DB so far and also an image of what im trying to do and ill explain.

If someone could either add a formula or tell me how to do it i would greatly appreciate it.


From the example image what im trying to do is:

When i add a new customer i input all their details in the customer page / tabs for each device.

What i would like todo is after i have added the customer details goto the order page and create the order.

I have worked out how to auto fill and get data from other db / tables etc but i would like when i add the customer details it then recodnises the customers devices and only show whats available in the device column and then breaks down from there until i choose the correct serial.

So if customer bob had 1 Phone/Apple/Iphone/4s/sn 33293   and 1 laptop/acer/aspire/2232/sn23333  then when i click the device column line it only shows phone/laptop and drills down from there.


I hope that makes sense and appreciate any help.