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import doesn't resolve found set data to other table / same file

Question asked by tomswell on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by user19752

it has been stated that it is possible import a found set from table "A" into table "B" both tables reside in the same file.

All I can muster is an import of all records into "B" not the found set.

1.   Create a layout list showing table "A" records as a found set.  [ same deposit # ]

2.   Select layout showing "B" [ different table] and import records pointing to  "A"s listed found set.


what might I be missing?





Payments from various jobs are listed yet to be deposited ... a group of selected payments are selected for new  deposit record

with each selection a bouillon  flag "deposited" is set creating a portal transfer from "undeposited" to "deposited"

that "deposited" portal represents the "found set"  ... with the key being same deposit number ... [ found set ]

Occasionally a payee delivers a check to pay for more than one job  ( "split pay" )

to create a deposit slip > all payments sharing a common "split" check number need to be compiled into one deposit slip check record

I've  developed  looping routine which works perfectly summing common check number payments into one record with a job reference field showing each job id payment is applied to.

"A" records are payments and are often limited to less than 30 records, per deposit