How to: Portal Table on Tab of Form, enter data and scroll bar within form layout

Discussion created by TravisHeckford on Feb 7, 2016
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Hi there,


See attached photo:


I am trying to create a form where I can enter data into a table (which is a portal to another related table), would like to have it as a table view, and to keep the size of this portal table within the confines of the form in which it is nested. However I can't seem to make it like this, it wants to extend beyond the length of the form, I have the rows set to 1 to 100 because there may be considerable about of data entered. How do I get it to fit within the form?


When I drag the table outline to fit within the form the fields become so small that you can not see them. Is this the only way to have the table fit? The scroll bar also seems to fit when I do this but yet provides no utility.


Thanks in advance!