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    Join/Relationship Build Help


      I am trying to understand the best route in building a new database...

      Previously I had made a similar database with a one-to-one relationship using a portal to filter items, but it appears with lots of records this can be very slow. My assumption is that using a join table would speed this up.


      So here are two records I am working with:


      1.     Planes (Main Table)

      a.     Related Items (Items Table)

      2.     Tanks (Main Table)

      a.     Related Items (Items Table)


      Each related item has a different color combination.

      I am looking to relate these items from the gDropdown field, but In addition I would like to see “Show All” or “All Yellow” included into the menu.


      Issues I see with this:


      1.     Creating a new record from (Main Table)

      a.     Having gDropdown set at Show All will add this as a relationship, though this is more of a filter. Items should only be related by specific color combination (Colors Table)

      b.    Maybe I need to use a Script to create the new record to avoid this?

      On the (Items Layout) I am selecting the related (Colors Table) from a portal dropdown, but is there a way to use checkboxes?


      Hope that makes sense... In the end I am trying to achieve an easy way to see what Planes or Tanks use the same colors quick and easily.