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Hello Mark Baum and Mark Grantham et al (can’t get the @mark_baum to work ),


I have had a request to the community for a while regarding ways to improve the quality of posts - particularly in the product ideas area.


Seeing that beverly Voth has just brought this exact topic up in a very detailed post over in the Product Ideas area AND that there is a session in Paris tomorrow on the topic of (the future of) the community, I thought it best to shift the dialogue here to the correct place for it.


In the Product Ideas area I note the following points


  • There are in the meantime 600+ ideas
    • It is increasingly difficult however to navigate + discover new ideas
    • Could we do with new discovery channels, like a regular “FMI’s pick of the best product ideas” E-Mail to help highlight trending content?
    • Is it possible to have a filter to show ideas with no comments or no votes?
    • Or a filter to show posts I have not voted on.
  • Quality of entries is very mixed
    • See beverly's post
    • Many entries have very unclear titles (“Script workspace Improvements”, etc. )
    • Is more guidance needed?
      • Apart from the suggested headings, there is little guidance from FMI to users on how to best communicate ideas
      • I guess we are all still learning what is possible + best.
    • There seems to me to be a need for different kinds of entries in the Product Ideas area:
      1. Very generic posts, where ideas and possibilities can be diversely and wildly discussed, and aim to stimulate openness and creativity - an example here is maybe the

      2. Very specific entries which identify a need or a specific idea
      3. Summary entries that help organise lots of related ideas (For development areas that interest myself I have created “summary” umbrella posts, to help to reduce the chaos caused by the quantity)
    • What can be done to improve quality?
  • There seems to be (virtually) no moderation of the Product Ideas area.
    • Duplicated ideas seem to get marked by participants as duplicated … but officially remain “active"
    • DO FMI plan to moderate entries?
  • It is currently not possible for the community to moderate itself
    • Is any kind of self-moderation planned? (I guess similar to the prior activities of philmodjunk
    • User X cannot edit User Ys post.
    • I consider the stack exchange offerings to be a fantastic example of how a ‘forum’ can be organised in a way which creates valuable resources. There power-users who have earned enough status are able to edit, correct and clarify poorly phrased/incorrect questions. (For example: On the topic of XSLT on the StackOverflow site user Dimitre Novatchev is such an amazing guru-user)
    • Is this kind of interaction possible/desirable on the FM-Community?
  • I also have the feeling that the engagement from the community has dropped somewhat...
    • Are there any explanations for that?
    • Could this be increased with greater input from FMI?


These are just some observations thrown together, … and I am sadly not present in Paris tomorrow, … but I would be keen to discuss these ideas, and discover good ways forward.


Regards from Germany



Günther Business Solutions GmbH


P.S. How is the search for a community manager going?