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Need help with creating a report from value pairs

Question asked by jdxxs on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by jdxxs

I am from a programming background and am really missing the availability of for/next loops and indexed arrays in Filemaker scripting.


My problem:


I want to create a report which has a selectable period of months. Let's say January to June 2015 - 1501 through 1506.

For each line of the report, I have pairs of data arranged as year+month and a value  - such as 1503 and 276 / 1509 and 143 / etc..

There may or may not be data for a particular year+month - or any of the selected year+months


What I am struggling with is placing the appropriate data in the appropriate field under the appropriate heading.


I can do it using some very painful and laborious methods but am wondering if anyone more familiar with Filemaker methods can point me in the direction of a more elegant and simple way of doing this.


Many thanks for any suggestions.