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    Filemaker 14 Webdirect


      Hi guys I have a question does Filemaker 14 Webdirect work best with IE cause I just used it in Chrome and there is no flashing at all.  My only issue is how do you get the Webdirect to print a record, where is the print feature?? do you export into a file like a Text or CSV and then print??

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          Here is the answer to all your questions:



          It is supposed in these browsers:

          Supported web browsers:

          FileMaker WebDirect is accessible from a web browser. Supported web browsers include:

          Desktop browsersMobile browsers
          Safari 8.xMobile Safari 8.x on iOS 8.1
          Chrome 38 or laterChrome 38 or later for Android 4.4.x
          Internet Explorer 11.x
          Internet Explorer 10.x (see deprecated technologies†)

          Printing using the browser results in the browser window being printed. You probably will have to set up some scripts to navigate to a print-friendly layout, and then print it.

          The flashing comes because the browser is requesting information from the web server that is communicating to FileMaker server. If you connection and your hardware is fast, then I'm guessing little flashing will happen, though you occasionally may see some.


          The WebDirect guide also points out how you can export.

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            Thank you very much Jeremy I just love the quick response you get here




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              Hi.  From the FileMaker 14 WebDirect guide (which you can find here:  FileMaker 14 WebDirect Guide )

              2016-02-10 09_11_45-fm14_webdirect_guide.pdf - Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.png

              The script step to print is not compatible with WebDirect, so users will need to use the browser's print functionality.  Also printing behaves slightly differently.  Also from the guide:



              When you print FileMaker WebDirect records, the web browser prints the records you see onscreen. Printed pages may not match the layout you see onscreen and may contain layout parts and objects that are not printed in FileMaker Pro, such as navigation parts and placeholder text.


              Hope this helps.  Chris


              Oops - looks like Jeremy got in before me!

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                Ok thank you I noticed that I was trying to avoid printing out navigation bars and other objects.  Ugh well darn.  I need to have them export to a program like pdf or word then print