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Showing text dynamically in a typewriter fashion

Question asked by Wicktor on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2016 by Wicktor

Hello everyone,

As part of my project designed for children education purposes, I Have 6 text repeating fields (15 repetitions each).

Each repetition contains different stored text from 100 up to 500 words.

Depending on user choice the screen should display the text of a specific repeating field using a typewriter fashion.

I also want the user to be able to choose the speed and how many characters to display (actually from 1 to 10 at the same time) and the speed.

For example: one of the repeating field may contain text like "Welcome to the introduction of the educational project" and if the user choice is 5 character at time, the output should look like...

"Welco" and then

" elcom" and then

"  lcome" and then

"   come " and then

"    ome t" and then

"     me to"     and so on... filling the full screen, line by line like a typewriter.

(I hope it is clear)


I have already solved this problem using a concatenation of TextColor and MiddleWords functions which display all the selected text in white with white background (i.e. invisible to the observer) and looping in black color only the specific sequential characters.

(if anyone is interested I will be happy to share)

Therefore I think my it is a bit tricky and I am wondering if anyone has a better suggestion.

Thanks for any idea,