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Cascading DropDown List?

Question asked by AngelArs on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by AngelArs

I'm fairly new to FileMaker. I need to make a cascading dropdown list. An example would look like the screenshot included (filemaker.jpg below).

It works like this; you pick something from the first dropdown list. Depending on your answer the second dropdown list gets populated with something else, and then when you choose from the second dropdown list the third dropdown list gets populated.


For example; first dropdown list might list car manufactures. You choose one (say Ford for example) and then in the second drop down list all ford models would appear. You choose (for example) Fusion, and then model specific names would appear (Fusion LE, Fusion Titanium, Fusion Hybrid, ect.).

Is there a tutorial that would show how to make something like this in FileMaker? Searched but couldn't find anything.