Backup email notifications from FileMaker Server sporadic

Discussion created by nutsonshells on Feb 8, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by nutsonshells

Hi FileMaker Support,


I would like to report an issue with FileMaker Server 14 not consistently sending backup email notifications. They seem to work one day and then not on the other.


I have 9 hourly backup schedules and I sometimes get all 9 emails on one day, but not for the next two days, then they start being delivered again.

I have already checked the SMTP settings and everything else but can't seem to find any problem. Since they are not completely failing, it seems to be a problem with FileMaker Server.


The log shows, that backups are being completed, just the email wasn't sent.


It would be good if the log in FileMaker Server could also record the outgoing email activity.




Kind regards