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Permission problem with Export Field Contents

Question asked by bdj on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2016 by bdj

I'm working on Windows 8.1, with FM14, and I have a table with a container field that is holding files.

The container field is configured for external open storage.

The files are inserted with the Insert File script step.

The storage options are set to "Insert".


Next I have a simple script to open a file directly from Filemaker, using the Export Field Contents with the option "Automatically Open" selected.


I notice that the file is saved to a temporary location.

But the opening of the file is blocked by permission problems.


I do not understand where the problem could be.  As a user I have full control over the temporary folder where the files are exported to, so I would think that I would have the possibility to open them.

Also when I cancel the "Automatically Open" option, the files are saved, and when I go to the temporary folder to open manually, I can't.

So the problem is really at the opening.  Te rest works fine.


Can anyone help me please?

Thansk you.