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    Is there any way we can enable logs for filemaker pro activities


      I want to trace filemaker pro activities such as script start and end , scripting error etc.At the moment,there is one scrip is running in every one minute.This script import data from the another database. I want to track this activities to check whether it import data successfully or not.I am facing data lost issue.That's why I want to enable this  Is there any way to perform this?

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          There are certain logs that you can access on FileMaker Server Admin Console.  Are your scripts running server side?  If so, then the server logs will show you what time the script starts and ends and it will show any errors that occur during the script.  Also you may need to consider building into your script error capture statements.  In your script before you do the import set error capture on.  Then immediately after the import check the error with Get ( LastError ).  If Get (LastError ) = 0 then run set another field or variable with the value from (Get (FoundCount ) to see how many records it imported.  Otherwise display the last error or store it in a field.  Troubleshooting like this might point you in the right direction for what is going wrong.  Try stepping through the script with script debugger on to see if you can identify the problems as they occur.  Turn off "perform without dialog" so that you can see what is actually happening in the import step.


          HTH.  Chris