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    I lost my debugger


      Hi everyone,

      This is my first post here and a rather important one.

      A few months ago I started with a solution in Filemaker. I finished my first big script and it was working.


      Now, a few months later it suddenly errored so I wanted to check what was wrong. Now I want to open my debugger and it doesn't show on my screen. Nowhere.


      I tried to open the debugger without a file open. Still, it doesn't show up on my screen.

      I uninstalled my filemaker and installed it again. Still no debugger.


      Where did it go?


      Did someone have had the same problem?


      Kind regards!

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          Try launching FileMaker Pro 14, enter Preferences and hit "Reset" where it says "Reset dialog sizes and positions:". Let me know if this resolves or if you have further information.



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            It worked!





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              If you are running a windows machine and run into this issue with a couple of the different windows like debugger and script workspace in 14 there is another way you can try to recover it as well.


              If you click on tools and then launch script debugger and it doesn't show up hold down your windows key and press the left arrow a couple of times while still holding down the windows key. If your screen was on a second or third monitor that no longer exists it will move the program back to the main screen.


              I connect and disconnect monitors from my laptop a lot so this is a fairly common problem for me.


              The rest works great too, just wanted to point out another alternative.