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PHP: Portal field is empty

Question asked by KevinWojniak on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by KevinWojniak

I have a layout that has many portals on it. I am trying to obtain its data via PHP and up to now it's been successful. However, one specific portal is being stubborn, and I cannot get all of its fields. I am using the exact same code (getRelatedSet, getField) but the fields are returning empty strings, except for one field. I can see in the layout in FileMaker that these fields are in the portal and that they have "Display data from" set in the Inspector. Oddly when I use getFields() it's not returning all the fields that I see in the portal. Most of the fields are calculations. Also, for the actual item I want, "Display data from" is "Multiple Values" and I cannot find what that means or how that is configured differently. I've been comparing the Inspector window and am not seeing a difference.


So I am looking for hints as to why I cannot get this one portal's fields in PHP.

Note I am not the one who designed this database, just a programmer trying to get some data out of it.