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A way to group records?

Question asked by jtamayo on Feb 10, 2016
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I have a consultation table that has fields for

  • the date of the consultation
  • consultant's name (ID# pulled from a Consultant table)
  • the person they consulted with (ID # that pulls records from a People table)
  • the length of the session


All of this information is included in a portal I have on a Consultant layout, that looks a little something like this:




DateName (this is the person they consulted with)Length of Session (in min)
1/15/2016John Smith30
1/30/2016Sean Thompson60
1/30/2016Jessica Patterson60
1/30/2016Elisa Simpson60

                                                                                                                                            TOTAL SESSION TIME: 3.25 HOURS



Then the problem becomes when there is more than one person involved in the consultation.  Is there a way to group records of a similar consultation so that if say Sean, Jessica, and Elisa were part of the same consultation, their times would only be counted once in the Total Session Time?  How would you go about fixing this so that it recognizes that they're part of the same consultation? I'd appreciate any help on this!  Thanks!