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    Load FileMaker Program onto a Server?


      We created an application in File Maker Pro 13 that has been shared by 2 computers over a home network (using 1 computer as a host). Now, we need to share with one more person at headquarters far away. The user at headquarters has network security settings that change the PC's IP every log-in, making the network sharing difficult. So, the IT department wants to load the application onto a virtual server acting as the host and have all users Open Remote. But, they are getting error messages with this setup. Is this possible to do?  (I read that File Maker does not recommend this server setup and really advises using a "host" computer to constantly run the program.) But, has anyone been able to successfully run a program loaded onto a server, using it as the "host"? Any advise is really appreciated. And, if this setup has been documented in their help files, can anyone point me in that direction?

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          Hi.  It sounds like you are doing FM peer to peer sharing.  There are some limitations and warnings from FM re: peer to peer hosting across remote networks:  Setting up a Computer to Share Files with FileMaker Pro | FileMaker


          You might be getting to the stage where you should consider using FMServer.  This is designed for the sort of usage you are talking about and has the added benefit of being built to backup correctly without issues of corruption etc.  I would strongly encourage you to consider moving to FMServer.


          In particular note this comment from the link:

          To prevent others from attempting to directly open a hosted file across the network using the file sharing capabilities of the computer's operating system, it is recommended that file sharing be disabled on the host machine.  This includes storing your FileMaker files in a shared directory.  Attempting to share access to a FileMaket Pro database using the file sharing services of the host's operating system puts your FileMaker file(s) at risk for file corruption.