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FM 14 Server, WebDirect & General Access Issues

Question asked by egnagey on Feb 9, 2016

We've hit a wall troubleshooting on-going issues between FM14 WebDirect, FM14 Server, our firewall and our Mac Mini server hosting FM Server.  We need the help of someone with advanced knowledge of FM14 and Mac server systems. Our outside IT department has exhausted their knowledge in this area and suggested that we bring in a consultant.  We need to work with someone as soon as possible, but I want to make sure that person has the appropriate knowledge.  Can you recommend someone suitable or let me know if you're interested and what you charge?  If you have any known solutions at hand, we would be grateful for the advice.



• WebDirect will not connect unless a desktop client has "woken" up FM14 Server (FM Server and the server machine are not set to sleep).  This "wake up" can happen locally or remotely.

• Remote access through WebDirect is unreliable even if FM Server is awake. Edits in standard layouts (not portals) are frequently not saved, even with a commit records button script.  Communication with hosted file is intermittent, and users are frequently disconnected (i.e. kicked out).

• Remote access to FM through desktop clients and FM GO is sluggish and unreliable.  Communication with hosted file is intermittent, and users can be disconnected.

• Local access to hosted file can be sluggish (delayed start up, long processing on scripts, slow updates to calculations)

• Local access to hosted file can create ghost users (a duplicated user) that make the file unresponsive while it's being used (but not give an "exceeded users" warning).  If we delete one of these ghost users, it will open up access to the file when users log out and in again.


Other Needs:

• FM Server scripting for WebDirect PDF Reports

• Future FM consulting


Equipment & Software

• FileMaker 14 Desktop Clients (11 Seats) v 14.0.1; Pro Developer v 14.0.2

• FileMaker GO (on 17 iPhones, but very little use because of on-going issues)

• FileMaker 14 Server v

• Mac Mini (OS v10.10.5); 8 GB RAM; 2.6 GHz Intel Core i5; 1 TB drive; Dedicated to FM 14 Server (running only one solution)

• Firewall shared by Mac Mini (running FM Server) and a Mac Mini (running Yosemite Server for file sharing)

• Time-Warner Business Cable 100/10


Many thanks!



Emily Gnagey, Wingspan Arts