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Tab title calculation

Question asked by Okanagan.Mike on Feb 10, 2016
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Hi All:


Work continues on my conference database. I have run in to another glitch that I can't solve myself.


I have a eight layouts with a header which contains navigation tabs like this:


Layout tab.JPG

there is code for the two labels that say Add Sessions or Add Presenters that remove the word Add when the appropriate table is not blank.

E.G. If ( IsEmpty ( Sessions::SessionName );"Add Sessions";"Sessions" ) the intention being that if there are sessions or  presenters entered, the wording changes. to this:


Layout tab 2.JPG


It works like a charm when I am on the actual layout, but I want it to change the wording on all layouts whenever the Sessions table or Presenters table is not empty. To be clear, the snippets show only the first four of eight tabs duplicated on the various layouts.


How can I fix this?


Thanks for your help!