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SMTP attachment errors!

Question asked by ahcho on Feb 10, 2016
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I have an odd issue with attachments with my FM 13 solution. I am trying to get my database to send a CSV to an email. This email gets sucked into a We Wired Web ( automation into Harvest (for time keeping purposes).


Here's the issue:


Sending the email automatically via Send Mail (w/ SMTP) results in the automation failing as it doesn't see a CSV though opening up the account that sends the email shows that a CSV is attached.


I can change the Send Mail step to manually send the email from the exact same accounts and the automation works.


I've spoken to the WeWiredWeb and its nothing on their end. Why would the Send Mail (w/ SMTP) result in a this issue?


I've tried several different email accounts across different services and the end result is the same.