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Button icons resizing themselves in WebDirect

Question asked by JimmyCox on Feb 9, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2016 by JimmyCox

Hey guys I'm having a bit of trouble with webdirect. Trying to make everything look pretty at the moment but everything keeps resizing when I view it in chrome or safari. Namely I have some buttons that are all the same size with svg icons that are all the same size. Everything looks fine when I view it in FileMaker but when I access it via WebDirect some Icons seem to shrink.

Here is what it looks like in browse mode:

Filemaker Screenshot.jpg

and here is what it looks like in WebDirect:

WebDirect Screenshot.jpg

At the moment they are all individual single segment button bars. I've also tried making them a 3 segment button bar and just 3 individual buttons. Its the same icons that shrink each time. I previously had nicer looking icons but they werent the same size so I had to make one 64pt and one 71pt etc to make them the same size so I ended up changing all the icons so I could get ones the same size. Anyone have any ideas? Or perhaps its a some sort of curse.