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Filemaker Pro Advanced, send Mail via Outlook 2016 as default

Question asked by sharton on Feb 10, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2016 by tsplatypus

Hello all,

When I press a button on my FileMaker Database to send mail via 'E-mail Client,' I would like the E-mail message to open drafted up in Outlook 2016. The problem is... is that on my Mac (10.11.3 OS X El Capitan), I am unable to change my Default Email Application to Outlook, from Apple's 'Mail' default application. I am able to change it in the preferences; however, once I close the preferences, and revisit them, the preference has changed back to 'Mail.'


On a previous Mac computer, I had this same issue, and was able to find a link in a discussion somewhere in which I was able to download something that fixed the problem. All I am trying to do is 'Send mail via E-mail Client (Outlook 2016)' in FileMaker Pro Advanced 14, on a Macbook with El Capitan. I am unable to change my default email reader on the mac to Outlook, without it automatically switching back to Mail. Does this all make sense?


Thank you so much for any assistance in advance, I appreciate it!