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    mobile device aware layout selection script


      Hello, I am trying to writw a mobile device aware start up script so Filemaker go selects the right layout to use when going into filemaker go. Following examples arounf the web:


      [PatternCount ( get (ApplicationVersion ) ; "Go" ) =1]

      go to Layout [“_SPACE_DATA_iphone_5c”]


      Go to Layout [“_SPACE_DATA_012816.xls_SPACE DATA”]

      End if


      I am making this in the script workspace and when I type IF, it looks for a clculation. I have typed the content in the script in there and it doesn't work....i Get an error on the first bracket - A number, text contant, field name or "(" is expected here" and the bracket in front of PattenCount is highlighted.


      So its not a calculation. I cant seem to find script editor in the Filemaker Pro 14 advance version I am using. Can Anyone help me figure out I can get this script to save much less run?



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          There is a example in the starter solutions.

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            Script Workspace is the FM14 version of Manage Scripts / Script Editor.


            The error message you are getting happens when you have the syntax of your calculation incorrect - eg. different number of start bracket characters "(" than end bracket characters ")" or other problems with your calculation.


            In the calculation space you should have this:

            2016-02-11 11_35_57-Specify Calculation.png

            Which should then work in your script like this:

            2016-02-11 11_36_19-Script Workspace (test1).png

            HTH.  Chris


            oh ... schamblee beat me to it - great idea though, copy and paste from the starter solution to ensure you've got your syntax correct.

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              Thanks for the help, but I am still coming up short...


              Im new to this too. YAY


              When I create a new script i type IF and it gives me brackets. You are saying that I should write it without the first bracket or th last one? because the brackets will fill in from the if statement?


              I changed my layout names so it will be easier.


              the iphone is called 5c and the desktop is called Home.


              I wrote it like this:

              PatternCount ( Get (ApplicationVersion ) ; "Go" ) = 1]

                 go to Layout ["Space Data" (5c)]


                 Go to Layout ["Space Data" (Home)


              schlambee, you seem to be saying put the table name in and the layout if I am reading the startup solution correctly.


              Inventory | Web (web) So I am guessing this is the table...name Inventory | web and the layout is web


              so I tried it with my table "Space Data" and the layout is (5c)  This is still not working as I am still getting the error on the bracket. If I leave the beginning bracket off, it hangs up on the the bracket after the 1 or after the "Go" If I remove all the brackets, it says it doesn't know the table go to layout.


              Thanks for your help.

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                Oh Wait, I got it ...I'm writing the script, not using the steps....thats frustrating. I just got it.