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Question asked by RMT on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by beverly


I am trying to filter records in a portal to exclude all downtime tasks but it is not working. The filter script is below. anybody got any suggestions to get this working. I want to get all tasks except to downtime ones which the job name for them is"Downtime"



IsEmpty ( Streamline::Search Filter Box g )




ProductionTasks::Job Name c ≠ "Downtime" and

FindWordPartsInText (  Streamline::Search Filter Box g;



ProductionTasks::Job Name c & ¶ &

ProductionTasks::Job No c & ¶ &

ProductionTasks::Category Dash Materials c  & ¶ &

ProductionTasks::Tracking Number & ¶ &

ProductionTasks::Client Name c



; 1 )