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    How to import data into a related table


      Hello! Sorry if this is a basic question...


      • I have a table of a list of Schools including school name, address and other details. I have made an idx field and they all have id's. It doesn't start from 1 as I have deleted some.
      • I have an excel doc of headteachers and teachers for the schools. I would like to import this data to a second table called school contacts - but I would like the school contacts table to relate to the school table. The match field is the school name.
      • It would be a one to many relationship as for each school, there would be multiple contacts.
      • I have made a relationship on the two tables between the Schools idx and Schools contacts fkey I created.
      • I will have a portal on the Schools table showing a couple of details of each contact from the Schools contacts table.

      I am struggling to import the data into the schools contacts and have it relate to the schools. I know I am going wrong somewhere but can't figure it out! Am I going to have to add each schools contact manually so it relates to a school?

      Thank you, Mosa

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          You cannot directly import into related tables. You must create a temporary unique key (column) in your Excel that can be used as a temporary Primary key in main table and temporary Foreign key in related tables. This can get complex if you need to go two-or-more relationships away.


          Since all tables (in FileMaker) should have real auto-enter Primary keys, the temporary keys can be used with a temporary relationship to populate the real Foreign keys as needed.



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