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Upgraded from FMP10 to 14 - Layout Mode Backround question

Question asked by corno on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 17, 2016 by siplus

New to the community, please be kind.


I did try to find an answer in discussions...

We have just upgrade FMP Pro to v.14.0.4 from v.10

I need to update some layouts. We have a barebones style, generally white background, black text and some color to highlight.


When I am in Layout Mode, all of our backgrounds have gone grey. In Browser, Preview and Find Mode, the layouts display as I would expect with a white background.


Can I set Layout Mode so it will look like the layout in Browse Mode? I can change the background color by right clicking the Part tab in the layout. The change is shows up when I am in Browse Mode, the background in Layout Mode remains grey.


I have also tried changing the theme and style. The background in Layout Mode stubbornly remains grey.


I'm sure that I'm missing something so elementary, it's never needed to be said.


Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!