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OnLayoutSizeChange Script trigger for more than one layout

Question asked by sivagurS on Feb 11, 2016
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This may sound a bit weird, but I don't have a clue why this happens.

I have designed 3 layouts in Landscape and Portrait Mode(Totally 6 layouts)

I have written OnLayoutSizeChange script triggers for all three of them.

1. Login_Orientation  - Login_Landscape and Login_Portrait

2. Scan_Orientation - Scan_Landscape and Scan_Portrait

3. Process_Orientation - Process_Landscape and Process_Portrait


When I don't activate Scan_Orientation or Process_Orientation, the Login_Orientation runs fine and the Layouts are rotated accordingly.

But when I activate Scan_Orientation or Process_Orientation, then the system skips Login_Orientation and runs Scan_Orientation skipping the Login Layout...


I am not familiar with the way OnLayoutSizeChange script trigger works.. Is it applicable for more than one layout at all.


If not how do I apply screen rotation changes to many layouts.