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Need help with problem

Question asked by norman926 on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by rouelf

I had a program that i wrote on FM11 Pro Adv and updated it to FM 12.1 Pro Adv but when i did that the FP 7 turned into FMPUR   and would not open. Now i can't open the 11 because it was updated to 12 and FMPUR is not recognized..

even the run time solution would not open so i lost over a years work.. Is there any way to recover the data that was on the FM 11 or 12?


I really  need the help with this one as it is a medical program that was being used by a physician that runs a pain center and needs the records (data) that is on the chip which now is  useless..

Thanks for any help you can give me.'

Norman Eisenberg