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Sharing a record amongst multiple MemID's

Question asked by JeRoMuHi on Feb 12, 2016

I am new to Filemaker, meaning I am an absolute rookie. We have a database that has a GUI side and a Records side. I have made minor additions to this such as adding a field for identification photos, scans of membership documents, email, etc. We have a system in place that allows members to purchase a 10 visit pass. These passes are able to be used by an individual or by multiple individual depending on how they wish to utilize them. I am attempting to alleviate the task of logging this in an excel spread sheet each month, taking up hours of work for our staff.
To get to the bottom of it and the question at hand. I have created a table for Punchcards with a Punchcard_ID, visit dates, expiration etc. I am able to input the Name of a Punchcard in the field and have it reflect on multiple records. However when I attempt to change the name things get a little wonky. The name and all the punches will disappear. I can then enter a new name and it will occasionally allow a new name, or it will input the original with the visits still logged. The relationship table looks like this inside the Records side of things:Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.37.23 AM.png

While the relationships in the GUI look like this:
Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.39.33 AM.png



I think I have an idea of what is going on, just not sure how to correct it. I think that the Punchcard_IDs are being listed instead of staying a single value for each member ID. Anyone have an idea of how to correct this? Remember complete and utter rookie here, I'm learning as I go along, Reddit has been helpful, but no one really responded to this one there so I thought I would try in the community. Thanks in advanced for any