Dropdown List doesn't honor "Show 2nd Field" after selection

Discussion created by DDoughtie on Feb 11, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2016 by siplus

I could swear this was working. I had a Drop Down list on a field with a Value List  based on saving the ID (as first field) with Show 2nd Field Only selected (it contained the name).  So, you click on the Drop Down and see the value list and can select the name. It inserts the first field which is a serial number. The Text disappears and all you see is the serial number.  Like I said I thought I had this working where is was only showing the second field. I think this stopped working after  I cleared all the Tab stops from the page so hitting the enter key didn't take you anywhere..

Now, the only way I can get the "second field" to show up after selecting the serial number is to set it to be a Popup Menu. Turn it back to a Dropdown list and it only shows the serial number. Is this normal behavior?


Using FMP 14.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.9.