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PDF creation in network environment

Question asked by Stu412 on Feb 12, 2016
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Hi all


I have a use case where it's necessary to run several reports one after the other and have them printed.  I've got this running happily in a script and now want to go a step further to make it work as a PDF routine.  I've not used PDF in scripts on Filemaker previously, instead opting to 'Print to PDF' during the print dialog.


All of my users will need to do the PDF generation and generate these pages.  A group of pages can go to any location on the file server.


What I really want, but don't know how to approach, is to create say, 5 documents, all of which are named automatically, but which can be put in a specific location on the network as chosen by the user.


I'd imagine the workflow would be something like:


Press button

Dialog box to gather network location

Pass network location to PDF script

PDF script runs against relevant report

Saves report to defined network location


Can the network location be gathered as a $variable?


Thanks in advance. Hope this is clear enough!