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    External Containers In Filemaker 12 no add folder option


      I have Filemaker Server 12 and am looking at using the external storage for container files


      My understanding was that if someone loads a file locally (where external storage has been flagged in the database and the field) everyone should be able to see it but this is not the result I am getting


      If I am using this option do I have to store the file within the field rather than a reference to it?

      If the original file is on a server can I store a reference to it and still use the external storage option.



      I am also mystified as to why the default location is [hostedlocation]/testodbc when in the documentation is seems to be [hostedlocation]/Files.

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          Yes, you should not use a reference.

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            Bit more explanation: External storage doesn't use a reference because a reference is a file path. FileMaker will manage the file paths for you as part of the feature. Everything goes into the RC_Data_FMS directory inside each database folder:


            Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 2.49.37 PM.png


            From there, it follows the path you specify in the Options. It's generally a good idea to include the ID of the record or some other unique identifier rather than just dump everything in the same directory when using open storage, since it's possible to overload the OS's ability to index a folder with lots and lots of files in it.


            Or, just use secure storage and let FMS handle the file paths. That's what I generally do. There's no need - ever - to touch the external assets with anything other than FileMaker, so secure storage actually helps protect them from inadvertent damage.