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Analyse a Starter Solution for Drop Down Lists by Calculation

Question asked by kuta on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by kuta

I created a file from a Starter Solution (Event Management) in FMPro v11.3. I have made some changes to fit my work, but now I have a frustrating scenario using the ‘Events’ tab’> ‘Guests’ tab.

Previously I would click the ‘Full_Name’ field and a drop-down list would appear populated by all the names of the Contacts. This isn’t a value list but is created from all Contacts entered into the file.

Now when I click the ‘Full_Name’ field, it stays blank. If I enter the record number of the contact (which I think is obtained from the ‘kf_ID_record’ field hidden behind the ‘Full Name’ field), the contact name does appear, but this isn’t efficient as I have to maintain a list of the Contact record numbers elsewhere.

Other instances of this drop down are not affected, but I notice those fields are called ‘Name_Full’.

I know this Starter Solution is not for a ‘starter’ like me, but I’d be grateful for any thoughts about how to restore the drop down functionality