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    FileMaker Go Connection Problems


      I am using FileMaker Server 2014 to host multiple databases all of which are opened using only FileMaker Go 14.  The server software is running on a virtual machine hosted on our company server.  The virtual machine is running Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard, has a 4 core processor, and 8 gb of RAM allocated to it. Everything was working great until about 3 months ago when connection issues started to arise frequently.  When using FileMaker Go users are often kicked out of open databases and more often they cannot even open databases receiving the error message "Error The file "" could not be opened. Either the host is not available, or the file is not available on that host." The connection issues only arise when the connection is wireless (including cellular data connection) The connection issues will sometimes only last a minute or two but sometimes will last for much longer.  When the error arises I cannot ping the filemaker server from the wireless device but I can ping other computers on the network just fine. I have gotten an iPad on a wired network and it works fine, no connection problems, but wifi always has issues.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the server software.  I have updated iPads to the latest version and tried old version as well.  I have checked our wireless network for issues and found none (but the weird thing is that the error's arise when on Cellular as well) I am out of ideas but desperately need to get this working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank You.



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          what do you mean you got an iPad on a wired network? Not possible. There still must be a wifi element.

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            It is possible to connect an iPad on a wired network.  It takes a few steps to make it happen.  I purchased the lightning plug to usb camera dongle. Connect that to a powered usb hub.  Plug the apple usb to network adapter into the usb hub and plug your network cable into the adapter.  Turn off the wifi and cellular and you have a wired iPad.  Any ideas on my problem? 

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              There are a few things to check based on what I have run in to.


              1. Make sure the file is close prior to the iPad going to sleep or hibernating.  This seemed to be the main source of my problem.


              2. Make sure the app quits. Sometimes shutting the iPad all the way down solved this problem.


              3. Try and make sure that the iPad does not sleep or hibernate while running a script. this had very bad results for me.


              When I fixed problem #1 the majority of my problems went away.  I did this by changing the setting to where the user has to manually hibernate the iPad.

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                There appears to be an issue with your wireless router.  It could be a setup issue with the router or a bad  router. No it not weird that it happens with cellular connection,  wireless or cellular it still goes through your router.   

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                  ah, didn't know that! I agree with the posts below that point to a misconfigured or failing router.

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                    most times when I get this error message it's due to trying to connect to the wan when I'm actually on the lan. Or vice versa. I have a static public ip burn this is irrelavent when I'm inside my "home" network. However, no matter which environment, fm go always offers the choice of connection method. Sometimes I forget to select it and just choose a file. This only happens on the wan.